About Me

About me

Dr. Anna Brilli: Alkaline Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach.

Message from Dr. Anna Brilli: Embrace an Alkaline Lifestyle for Vibrant Living and Graceful Aging.

With a distinguished career spanning over 37 years in the fields of implantology and maxillofacial surgery, I bring a wealth of expertise to guide you on your path to optimal health and well-being. My journey began in London, and has since flourished across 17 countries such as Italy, Middle East, North Africa, Gulf Region and Eastern Europe. As the founder of several clinics in Rome, London, and Milan, I touched the lives of countless individuals with my transformative approach.

Passionate about promoting holistic well-being, I formed strong collaborations and partnerships, including a significant alliance with the renowned Sönd company based in the UK. Together, we opened the SöndMilano clinic where the AlkaGlow concept takes center stage.

About me

Pioneering Integrative Skin Care Expert and Wellness Innovator

My expertise has also played a pivotal role in creating specialized skin products and unique protocols for face skin treatments, elevating the standard of care for my valued clients. Additionally, I had a close collaboration with FastTherapies, an Italian-based company, and together, we have pioneered the first and unique technology for integrative medicine known as ENF ABCell, combining ENF protocols, my methodologies, and the use of the Sönd alkaline skincare line.

As a seasoned consultant for two decades, I am a certified member of esteemed organizations such as the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM) and the British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA). Furthermore, I hold the coveted Certificate of Coach in the “Yoga Alliance Breath Coach” (YB), underscoring my commitment to comprehensive well-being.

Driven by a relentless scientific curiosity, I dedicated myself to researching lesser-known causes of various ailments, including aging, obesity, slowed metabolism, skin and sleep disorders, and other critical pathologies. My profound discoveries have revealed that our body is, in essence, a pharmacy – a treasure trove of resources capable of finding balance and even healing itself. But to unleash its full potential, proper care and support are essential.

About me

Elevate Your Well-Being: Embrace the Alkaline Lifestyle

I provide personalized consultations and extensive professional courses, delivering expert insights on topics ranging from overall health, skin concerns, and the alkaline lifestyle to ENF ABCell technology, effective breathing techniques, culinary workshops, and biophilia coaching. Embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced well-being and a more vibrant life by joining me.

Message from Dr. Anna Brilli: Embrace an Alkaline Lifestyle for Vibrant Living and Graceful Aging.

My ultimate mission is to guide you towards adopting an alkaline lifestyle through a disciplined approach. Clarity about your identity, aspirations, and action plan is crucial for long-term success. Setting achievable short-term goals will pave the way to your larger objectives. Remember, it’s okay to be compassionate and forgiving to yourself, as perfection is not the goal.

Gaining insight into how various foods impact our body is crucial. Armed with this understanding, you can make mindful decisions while shopping and quickly recover from occasional indulgences. By curating your personal alkaline pantry and employing suitable ingredients and cooking techniques, you’ll provide your body with what it needs to thrive in a healthy manner.